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"I cannot live without books."
                                                   ~ Thomas Jefferson

Friends Membership

There has never been a more important time to become a Friend of the Santa Barbara Public Library, or to increase your involvement if you are already a member.

Nationwide, the demand for library services, open access to books and computers, educational opportunities that support lifelong learning, public meeting rooms, and galleries for local artists, is continuing to rise. From toddlers to teens, new immigrants to entrepreneurs, people are flocking to our libraries.

The Friends are a Not for Profit organization which allows the library to be able to apply for and receive grants from various Foundations. Your membership contributions augment the shortfall in funding for collections and programs. Membership begins at just $35, although we hope you will consider a larger contribution.

In Santa Barbara, we face unique challenges. Funding cuts have led to reduced hours. In addition, since 2000, there have been staff reductions, as well as reductions to our collections, programming, and technology budgets. Typically, only a small portion of the total library budget is spent on the materials collection.

At such a time, Friends make the difference. We help provide additional funds for direct financial and programmatic support. It is also through the Friends of SBPL that the library is able to apply and receive grants from various Foundations.

Membership begins at just $35, although we hope you will consider a larger contribution.

Member Benefits

Your most valuable benefit is knowing that you support this community's center for free information, education, entertainment and literacy. Because the downturn in the economy, the Government entities that support the library have no choice but to make serious cuts in library funding. One of the benefits of membership in FOL is to make the cuts less painful.

As a member you also receive:

  • A subscription to The Friends Exchange, the Friends newsletter

  • Invitation to members-only events or discounts on events

  • Advance registration for space-limited programs

All contributions to The Friends of the Santa Barbara Public Library are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

For questions regarding membership or any other donation, please email .

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Membership Levels:

The Reserve List **** $1000 and up Become a Friend of Santa Barbara Library
Conservator *** $400 - $999
Book Collector ** $250 - $399
Bibliophile * $100 - $249
Book Lover $50 - $99
Bookworm $35 - $49

**** Travel Cup, Book Bag and Special Acknowledgement
*** Travel Cup and Book Bag
** Book Bag
* Travel Cup

Email our membership committee.

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